December 3-7

Hello Families,
Wow! It is already December!  Time flies!   The next few weeks will be filled with winter, holiday, and Mind Up activities!  As we head into the holidays,  I find that students are more energetic and need "calm" during this time of year.  We will spend time discussing how to be "mindful"  using our senses.  We will practice mindful breathing and meditation.  I hope the students will be able to take these practices and use them at home!
This week, we will also be finishing up gingerbread stories and projects.  We will also make cards for the our Reading Buddies and for our families.
In Writer's Workshop,  students are wrapping up their narrative stories.  They are editing and adding more details to their pictures and writing.  At home, please practice writing sentences using spaces and punctuation, as this tends to be a teaching point revisited often.  Also, have your child practice writing sentences on his/her own with minimal help.  With most …

Thanksgiving Week

Hi Kindergarten Families, 
Since we only have school on Monday and Tuesday next week, we’ll spend time reviewing prior concepts and continuing to observe and study our caterpillars.   On Tuesday, we will have a small “friendship gathering"  in honor of Thanksgiving.  We will give the students a small snack and focus on manners, friendship and the meaning of being “thankful” and “giving”.  With Thanksgiving on my mind, I’d like to thank all of you who have volunteered/donated to our class in many different ways this year. Without your support we would not be able to do so many exciting activities in our class. I am very thankful for each and every one of you and your wonderful children!
Word wall word: are
After our Thanksgiving break, we will start our unit on Gingerbread Man stories.  We will read a variety Gingerbread stories.   We will be comparing the different settings, characters, and events.  Every year, we find more stories with a Gingerbread theme!  If you have any Gingerb…

Kindergarten Update 11/5-11/9

Hi Kindergarten Families,
Thank you to all the families that came to help out at the Halloween party.  It was great to see all the different costumes.  Thank you to Jen and Alyssa for organizing the party!  It was a hit!
This week is Parent/Teacher conference week. It is very important that you arrive on time for your conference due to our very packed schedule.  You can check out the Book Fair that is happening in the library before or after your conference.   Our class "previewed" the Book Fair yesterday and most of the students have a wish list (in their heads!).  I have created a Wish List at the Book Fair in case anyone is interested in contributing to our classroom collection of books!  Here are a couple of questions you can think about when you come to conferences: 
1.  How does your child feel about school (favorite/least favorite subjects)? 2. Support and goal(s) for the next trimester (academics, social, behavioral).
Word Wall Word: have 
Writer’s Workshop: Students have …

Kindergarten Update October 29 - November 2

Hello Families,

As we end the month of October, I want to congratulate the students for their hard work in writing.  They read their "published" book to their Reading Buddies as well as Mrs. Allen's 2/3 combo class.  The older students wrote compliments for the kinders and it really made the little ones feel confident and successful in writing!  Please take a moment to read your child's published book.  Remember, this is the beginning of kindergarten and if your child wrote letters and/or words  (whether word are spelled correctly or not) this is part of the beginning stages of writing.  Let's all "CELEBRATE" the writing process with the students and congratulate them on an amazing job on their first book!  CONGRATULATIONS, KINDERS!

Halloween is on Wednesday.  We will have a parade at 8:30 on the lower playground.  The party starts at 9:30-10:30.  A BIG "THANK YOU" goes out to Alyssa and Jen for organizing the party. As a reminder, students may …

Kindergarten Update October 22-26

Hello Kindergarten class,
This week, we will be finishing up our "Wild Things theme" as well as our spiders, pumpkins, and bats.  
The next couple weeks, we will talk about "Career & College" readiness. This is a school-wide/district wide theme.  We will be reading Oh the places We Go by Dr. Suess.  This will open up our discussion about what the students want to do in the future and what they need to do to prepare for their future. We will talk about different careers and paths and colleges they can attend.  This is great time to talk about it at home and what you did to get the job you have too.
word wall words: you , me
Writer's Workshop:  We will be finishing up our "Launching Workshop" writing piece this week and we will have a celebration on Wednesday.  Please have your child bring in a small stuffed animal on Wednesday so that your child can read to their stuffie.
Math: In math, students are coming up with many strategies to solve math wor…

Kindergarten Update October 15-19

Hello Kindergarten Families,
Here is what’s going on in Kindergarten this week:
Reading:  In centers,  we have one more book with sight words and then we will be starting short vowel sounds.  The first book is "Nat at Bat".  Again, please read at home.  Also, when you read at home find books that are at your child's comfort level (they can read it will  only making a few errors). If your child is not reading yet, have them use a book and tell their own story using the pictures.  Many Scholastic books are easy readers and you can find them on their website. As you read together at home, students can locate sight words, characters and setting. 

New Theme: “Monsters and Wild Things”! Our book study will be on “Where the Wild Things Are”.  This theme is a great way to discuss the concepts of “Fiction” vs. “Non-Fiction” which we will be comparing through a variety of books and charting the differences between each genre. We will also talk about the “characters”, “setting”, “prob…

October 8th-12th

Hi Kindergarten Families,    
Here is what’s going on in Kindergarten this week: We will continue our unit on pumpkins, spiders and bats.  We didn't get to do the experiment last week with pumpkins and will do it this week.  Students will continue to learn about spiders and bats.  Please stop by and check out your child's Fall art projects on the bulletin boards. Please ask questions about what they have learned about pumpkins and spiders. Art/Music/Science: Students will learn songs and create art that is focused on classic Halloween animals such as black cats, bats and spiders!
Reading: We are almost done reading our readers with sight words.  Please continue to read these books and others at home and have them locate sight words in the books you read together.  We will begin short vowel words.
Math: Our math centers will focus on number sense to 10. Math games will include number lines, ten-frames and a “race to five” game.  We will continue working on word problems next week i…